"Brent Who?"​​
~ Steve McInelly
Las Vegas Comedian I Admire

"All I can say is HANG ON TO YOUR KIDNEYS BITCHES because Mukai is on fire, Brent is Always in the pocket with his comedy, and of course off the stage he's always in your pocket cause he's a comedian and they're always broke. But I kid, if u get a chance don't miss this little Tien Tsin chile pepper!!! You'll come out looking as Asian as he is from laughing so hard!"

~ Dean Mauro
Not Racist New Yorker
"If you like direct eye contact and the feeling of being followed home after the show...then Brents the comic for you!"
~ Spiro Siavelis
Video Game Dragon

"Brent Mukai is my kind of mu-guy."
~ Sega Shines
Real Named Human Being

"Brent tells me he's a genius."
~ John Lauritzen
Thor Look-a-Like

"Brent Mukai has tiny baby hands and a big body. I never listen to his sets because it freaks me out how big the microphone looks in his hand."
~ Richard Humphrey
Closeted Homosexual
 "Amazing! ACTUALLY smells like real bacon!"
~ Emily Therese
Hot Nerd
"Brent's comedy is infectious like an STD."
~ Jay Bird
Internet Radio Man

"Brent was amazing in two blockbuster films while being voiced by Jack Black."
~ JB Baretsky
Asshole with a Heart of Gold
"Siskel and Ebert would have loved this guy, but they're dead."​​

~ Bobby Masi
Local Movie Lover

"Brent Mukai's comedy makes Arthur Askey look like Moms Mabley!"

~ Jason Halpin
Authoritative White Man

"If you can't find a job to pay for everything you may need to come home and live with me."
~ A Text Message From my Mom

"Brent Mukai's comedy has never killed any puppies. Probably."

~ Joe Turk
Suspected Child Molester

"The service was alright but the food was excellent. Try the shrimp scampi. 4/5 stars."
~ scampilover69
Registered Seafood Lover

"Brent has the ability to annunciate most words in the English language."

~ Shaunbek Ingalls
High School English Teacher
"The oldest looking Asian I've ever seen!"

~ Benjamin Kimberlin
Baby Face 30 Year Old
"Ever wonder what happened to "Data" from the Goonies?"
~ Tino Sanchez
Viral Video Celebrity
"You wouldn't know it by watching him but he is entertaining."
~ Keith Hall
Old Guy

"Brent is truly outrageous!"
~ Nick Katsouros
Glasses Wearing Smart Person